BIM-models library

The modern design demands from experts of processing of huge information volume. It is simply impossible to realize it former tools. But thanks to the modern information technologies designers received in the help such tool as Building Information Modeling (BIM) – process of creation of the computer model of the new building bearing in itself all data on future object. One of the most important elements of this process are BIM-models – 3-D copies of the equipment and the materials, used in case of design.
Use of digital bim-models allows to visualize projects and more precisely to reflect all nuances of mounting of insulation, unlike normal 2-D drawings.
For creation and operation with such models it is used the CAD system allowing to solve in a complex problems of design, construction and maintenance. Considering demand in the market of the modern digital technologies, our company industry-first developed and placed BIM-models of our insulating materials in the largest library
By means of this portal designers had an opportunity free of charge to download ready BIM-model of any of our materials and to use it in the most convenient look during creation of the project. Specialists of technical department of our company are ready to come to the aid of designers in the decision of their tasks through the portal.