Calculation software

Important element of technical support of application of insulation is the settlement ROLS PROJECT program developed by specialists of the ROLS ISOMARKET company for design and calculation of thickness of insulating designs on the basis of the products Energoflex®, Energocell® HT and the integumentary materials Energopack®.We are glad to present a beta of the settlement ROLS PROJECT program.
ROLS PROJECT allows to calculate thickness of the insulating materials Energoflex® and Energocell® HT for the systems of heating, water supply, ventilation and air-conditioning. Her feature is an opportunity along with calculations to make working documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 «Rule of implementation of working documentation of isulation of the equipment and pipelines»: technical assembly sheet and specification of the equipment.


- relevant calculation of energy efficient thickness of isulation;
- possibility of calculation of thickness of isulation Energocell® HT;
- selection of insulating products is carried out in full accordance with the operating range of the released insulating products;
- possibility of calculation of thickness of isulation Energoflex® VENT;
- compliance of calculation procedures to the existing normative documents;
- an opportunity to ask questions and to receive answers from specialists of the ROLS ISOMARKET company;
- there was a section «News».
ROLS PROJECT is convenient as for designers who using the Projects mode can prepare in the mildest terms all necessary documentation, and for assemblers who in the Calculation mode have an opportunity by a certain set of criteria quickly to calculate the required thickness of insulating materials and a type of material for the most effective insulation.

We note your attention, that the beta of ROLS PROJECT isn't the final version of the settlement program, unfortunately, we can't guarantee total absence of mistakes which can break work of the program. We will we are grateful if you point to us to mistakes, having sent the message by means of the «Send the Message» function with a mark of «Beta Error».