Calculation software

An important element of the technical support of the insulation application made of polyethylene foam is the calculation program EnFlex 4 developed by ROLS ISOMARKET company specialists for the designing and thickness calculation of insulation constructions on the basis of Energoflex® products and Energopack® covering materials.

EnFlex 4 is a unique program tool at present which has passed the examination of TsSPS, OJSC – an authority on software certification in building - and which is distributed free of charge.

The program allows to calculate the thickness of Energoflex® insulating materials for heating, water supply, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Its peculiarity consists in the possibility in addition to calculations to draw up the engineering design documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 «System of building design documents. Rules of carrying out of working documents of insulation of equipment and pipelines: technical assembly record and the equipment specification».

EnFlex 4 is convenient both for designers who by using a «work with projects» mode may prepare all the necessary documentation in the shortest terms, and for mounters who in a «quick calculation» mode have the possibility to calculate quickly the quantity and a kind of a material for the maximum effective insulation due to a certain set of criteria.

Сertificate of compliance
Download (.pdf, 1.4 Mb)


Installation instruction

  • Fill in the form, press "Order"
  • Download the zip-file
  • Unpack the zip-file
  • Start setup.exe file
  • Then follow the program instructions


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