Calculation software

Specialists of the ROLS ISOMARKET company developed the new estimated ROLS PROJECT program.
The program is intended for calculation of thickness of insulating constructions on the basis of the products Energoflex®, Energocell® HT and the covering materials Energopack® for heating, water supply, ventilation and conditioning. The program can be used for drawing up the work documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 «Rule of execution of the work documentation of insulation of the equipment and pipelines».

The main differences of ROLS PROJECT from EnFlex 4:
- relevant calculation of energy efficient thickness of insulation;
- selection of heat-insulating products is carried out in full accordance with the operating range;
- possibility of calculation of thickness of insulation of Energoflex® Vent;
- possibility of calculation of thickness of high-temperature insulation Energocell® HT;
- compliance of calculation procedures to the existing normative documents;
- an opportunity to ask questions and to receive answers from specialists of the ROLS ISOMARKET company.
ROLS PROJECT can be used both by designers, and assemblers. Using the «Projects mode», it is possible to prepare in the mildest terms the full specification or the technoassembly sheet on insulating materials and mounting accessories. In the «Calculation mode» calculation of the required insulating thickness for the set set of criteria with an opportunity to create and print the pay sheet is available.