The exhibition «Mir Klimata — 2019» finished

This year the exposition of an exhibition was made with more than 250 manufacturing companies and distributors of the climatic equipment, and also the assembly, design and engineering enterprises of 24 countries.
At the stand of our company the most modern insulating decisions for air conditioning systems and ventilation were submitted.
Energoflex® Vent – the specialized heat- and sound-proof material on the basis of UMS-polymer having low heat conductivity, high coefficient of the thermolysis, and the strengthened surface was of particular interest.
Traditionally our guests could not only get acquainted with product samples, but also in a cozy situation to get professional advice of specialists of the company on the most wide range of questions.
We are sincerely grateful to all who showed interest in achievements of ROLS ISOMARKET and we hope for further effective cooperation!

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