Conditioning and ventilation systems are intended for the creation and maintenance of the most favorable parameters of air environment for good feeling of people or for technological processes carrying out in rooms and premises: temperature and humidity.


In conditioning systems Energoflex® insulation is used on pipes in which a refrigerating fluid circulates between inner and outer units. Since temperature of a carrier in these pipes is lower than temperature of the ambient air, the main purpose of Energoflex® insulation is protection against condensate formation on pipe surfaces, and as a consequence, protection of building structures from destructions. Energoflex® is rather important also for mechanical and corrosion protection of pipe conduits during assembly and exploitation.


Air ducts transporting supply or ready (cooled or heated) air are widely used in systems creating a comfort climate in large or several rooms simultaneously. These air ducts are also required to be insulated.

In frost-free seasons, air is transported via an air duct which has lower temperature than ambient environment. In pipes of conditioning systems, a carrier circulating between inner and outer units also has lower temperature than ambient environment. In this case, the main purpose of Energoflex® insulation is the protection against condensate formation on the surface of a pipe or an air duct. Also, air ducts of supply ventilation are insulated with this purpose which deliver cold air from outside to a hot-air heater in frost-free season.

Condensate may be formed also inside an air duct if it is located outdoors or in unheated premises and transports warm air in cold season. In this case also, it is necessary to mount a insulating material.

One more function of Energoflex® heat insulation is the preservation of specified temperature of heated or cooled air at its transportation through an air duct.

Together with all this Energoflex® insulation helps to reduce vibration and aerodynamic noises from air ducts, thus increasing comfort in premises and rooms.