Water supply

Systems of water supply are divided into systems of cold water supply and systems of hot water supply. Each of them is not a closed one as it ends with water-dispensing devices and is intended for water consumption by domestic or industrial consumers.

Systems of cold water supply

The main purpose of insulating material Energoflex® in systems of cold water supply located inside buildings is the prevention of moisture condensation from the ambient air on the surface of an insulating framework.

Systems of hot water supply

The main purpose of insulation Energoflex® in systems of hot water supply is the protection of skin of people against burns, i.e. provision of safe temperature for people on the surface of an insulating framework.

One more important function of insulating materials Energoflex® is temperature conservation of the supplied water. If piping is located in the open air or in unheated premises, then in winter season in case of water movement suspension insulation must prevent it from freezing during a certain period of time.

Sewer systems

Internal sewer systems provide reception in education places, collecting and assignment from buildings of sewage in an external sewer network. Elements of the internal sewerage are sanitary devices, by-pass pipes, struts and releases from buildings.

Basic purpose of the noise-attenuating material Energoflex® Acoustic in internal sewer systems – improvements of acoustic comfort of buildings.