Complete Insulation Solutions

  • Tubes Energoflex® Super
  • Tubes Energoflex® Super SK
  • Tubes Energoflex® Super Protect
  • Cheets (rolls) Energoflex® Super
  • Tubes Energocell® HT
  • Cheets (rolls) Energocell® HT
  • Cheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact
  • Tubes Energoflex® Black Star Split
  • Cheets (rolls) Energoflex®Black Star Duct

ROLS ISOMARKET is the largest Russian manufacture of insulation. The product range of the company is presented by the trademarks Energoflex®, Energocell®, Energofloor® and also the protective covering materials Energopack®.

Insulation material from polyethylene foam Energoflex® is intended for insulation of heating systems, hot and cold water supply, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

High-temperature insulation Energocell® HT from flexible elastomeric foam with the closed cellular structure is intended for isolation of thermal points and networks, industrial technological, and also the solar systems at the maximum temperature of the heat carrier to +150 °C without restriction on influence time.

Insulating systems Energofloor®are developed specially for application in floor heating systems.

The use of covering materials Energopack® allows to safely protect the insulation against mechanical damages, atmospheric forcing and ultraviolet radiation.

The quality management system of the company conforms to the international standard ISO 9001 – 2011 (ISO 9001:2008).

Thanks to high quality of products and a wide representation at the domestic market of insulation Energoflex® became a leading brand, and ROLS ISOMARKET Company became a universally recognized leader and expert. The range of our products is able to satisfy almost any need of construction and installation organizations in polyethylene foam insulation materials. ROLS ISOMARKET offers technologies and materials to the market the use of which allows to save significant amount of energy and heat as well as to reduce a harmful environmental impact.


05 December 2019

Please, note:
- On December 20 the office and warehouse of the company will work until 15.00. Therefore, please submit the transport for loading no later, than 13.30.
- The last working day in 2019 will be December 27. On this day the company office and warehouse will operate normally.
- The first working day in 2020 – January 9.
Please, consider this information in your work.

11 November 2019

The Energoflex® Vent 3/0,05-15 Self-adhesive tape (article EFXL0305015VENT) will be discontinued from November 11.
Instead to mount the Energoflex® Vent sheets (rolls) should be used self-adhesive tapes 25 m long and wide:
- 50 mm (article EFXL05025VENTSK);
- 100 mm (article EFXL10025VENTSK).