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11 September 2020
From September 28, 2020, retail prices for the following materials and accessories will change:
- Energocell® HT tubes and sheets (rolls);
- Energocell® HT tape and Energoflex® reinforced tapes;
- Energoflex® Extra and Energocell® HT contact adhesives;
- Energoflex® cleaner.
31 August 2020

From September 1, the range of tubes Energoflex® Super Protect, as well as mats and plates Energofloor® Tacker will change.

We invite everyone to the next online meeting at our Training Center on August 25 at 10.00.

Friends, colleagues!
August 13 at 15.00 we invite everyone to visit our next webinar «Insulation Energoflex®. Application and installation features».

In July, we continue the tradition of holding webinars, which has become popular in the professional environment.
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