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In July, we continue the tradition of holding webinars, which has become popular in the professional environment.

We invite you to the next webinars of the ROLS ISOMARKET Training Center on June 9 and 25 at 11.00.

In May we planned to hold three more webinars of the Training Center of ROLS ISOMARKET :
- 14.05. – at 11:00;
- 21.05. – at 11:00;
- 26.05. – at 16:00.

Friends, colleagues!
To take part in webinars of the Training Center of ROLS ISOMARKET it is enough simply to register at the links.
Online meetings will take place 28.04 at 11.00 and 29.04 at 16.00.
We will be sincerely glad to see you!

Thank you very much to everyone, who took part in the webinar of our Training Center on April 9!
We are waiting for everyone at the next online meeting at the Training Center of ROLS ISOMARKET on April 16 at 10.00!
We remind you, that the entry on the webinar with link, as well as through our Instagram account through the link «taplink» in the profile.,
Let's isolate together on self-isolation! .

Colleagues, forced self-isolation is a great occasion to visit the webinar of the Training Center ROLS ISOMARKET.
We invite everyone to an online meeting 09.04.2020 at 16:00, previously having undergone registration by link.

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