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The conference has brought together 58 employees of the design organizations practically from all regions of Russia and also from the CIS countries.
Since June 20, 2018 retail prices for the materials and accessories, delivered by our company, will be changed.
All changes are reflected in the updated price lists which are placed on the corresponding grocery pages of our website.
04 June 2018

For improvement of warehouse and transport logistics packing of rolled production of the following commodity groups will be changed:
– сheets (rolls) Energoflex® Super;
– сheets (rolls) Energoflex® Super AL;
– сheets (rolls) Energoflex® Black Star Duct;
– сheets (rolls) Energoflex® Black Star Duct AL;
– сheets (rolls) Energoflex® Vent;
– сheets (rolls) Energofloor® Compact;
– mats Energofloor® Tacker.

This year over 40 types of the equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation, conditioning and the sector of pools have been presented at an exhibition.
The action has united the largest production, wholesale and retail companies from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China, Finland.

We invite to visit the stand of our company at the 5th International exhibition Aquatherm St. Petersburg – 2018, which will take place from April 17 to April 19 in the Congress and exhibition center «EXPOFORUM».

Since April 9, 2018 the prices of plates of Energofloor® Pipeiock and Energofloor® Pipeiock Solo will be reduced.
The new prices are given in the corresponding grocery pages of the website.

We invite everyone to visit the ROLS ISOMARKET stand on the leading branch action of Republic of Belarus – the 20th international exhibition «Water and Heat», which will take place from April 3 to April 6 in Minsk on the territory of the exhibition enterprise «Expoforum».

20 March 2018
On March 21, 2018 ROLS ISOMARKET the first in Russia begins release of insulating tubes Energoflex® Super from polyethylene foam with thickness of a wall of 32 mm.
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