Moral and professional values are the basis for our company’s activity. Moral values.

  • Decency.
    • We do not achieve success by all means.
    • We do not pursue immediate benefit.
    • We work honestly, for a full due.
  • Responsibility
    • Being leaders at the market, we understand that we are responsible for the improvement of work quality in our field of activity.
    • We understand that success and development depends on our work not only of our customers, but also of all those who are connected with them.
    • We realize our contribution to ecology and energy saving in the country.
  • Non-indifference.
    • We are mindful of the consumers’ needs.
    • We understand that creation of comfortable conditions for the activity of our consumers stimulates their success.
  • Purposefulness.
    • Ability to single out the main thing.
    • Sequence in actions.
    • Drive for results.
    • Non-complacency.

Professional values

  • Skill.
    • High professionalism.
    • Confidence in the correctness of our approaches.
    • Combination of high technological level and understanding of the Russian market features.
  • Progressiveness, innovation
    • Guarantee of success – constant advance and go-ahead.
    • We consider that besides a constant monitoring of novelties in industry it is necessary to pay much attention to the development of new technologies and materials.
    • We pay particular attention to the increase of professional level of our employees.
    • We consider that the training of our consumers for the simplification of introduction of new technologies and materials is important.