Practical installation guide for Energomax®, Energoflex®, Energofloor®, Energocell® HT insulating materials and Energopack® covering materials with the use of branded accessories.

    The detailed recommendations given in the manual are based on a long-term practical experience. They will allow to mount various types of insulation constructions quickly and in a good manner as well as to guarantee the reliability of their subsequent operation.

    In March, 2013 No. 2.12.69-2012 NOSTROY standard №2.12.69-2012 « Insulating works for internal pipelines of buildings and constructions» came out.

    This standard conforms to requirements of federal laws « On technical regulation» (No. 184-FZ) » (No. 184-FZ) and « Technical regulations about safety of buildings and constructions » (No. 384-FZ), and also requirements of the town-planning code of the Russian Federation regarding article 55.13. Besides, in the standard current trends of development of the construction industry, and also knowledge and practical practices of leading companies of branch are considered.

    The standard contains a number of requirements:

    • requirements to technology of performance of insulating works;
    • requirements to control of performance of work;
    • requirements to formation of reporting and technical documentation;
    • requirements to quality of performance of work.