Recommends of NIU MGSU

NIU MGSU recommends Energoflex®

The author's team of scientific employees of NIS MGSU – the head National Research University of the Ministry of Construction of the Russia – was developed recommendations on the use of products made of foamed polyethylene Energoflex® Super for insulation of pipelines. The document focuses on the huge experience, gained by the authors during the creation of SP 61.13330.2012 «Insulation of equipment and pipelines», as well as taking into account modern trends in design.
The document contains requirements for insulation products and structures, methods of calculating the thickness of insulation and, most importantly, tables with calculated thickness values of Energoflex® Super products, intended for heating systems and meeting the requirements of SP 61.13330.2012 with regard to the standard density of heat flux.
The recommendations, developed by NIU MGSU, significantly facilitate the work of specialists, who are engaged in thermal engineering calculations or design of heating networks inside buildings and simplify the examination of design documentation.
With its unique technical capabilities and vast technological experience, ROLS ISOMARKET is the only company, that can produce insulation tubes, made of foamed polyethylene, with wall thickness of 32 and 40 mm, meeting the requirements of SP 61.13330.2012 «Insulation of equipment and pipelines».