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Being the market leader, ROLS ISOMARKET sets the highest level in the development of a complex of regulatory documents and standards, technical tools and information materials necessary for the designing, calculation and installation of insulating constructions. The quality management system of the company conforms to the international standard GOST R ISO 9001 – 2015 (ISO 9001:2015).

The catalogue of insulating materials contains the full information on all products offered by ROLS ISOMARKET company.

STO 59705109-012-2021 «Constructions of insulation for the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energomax® insulating products made of foamed polyolefin plastomer. Engineering and installation» was intended for insulation of equipment, pipelines and air ducts of utility networks, ventilation and air conditioning systems, process systems with an insulated surface temperature from – 80 °С to + 105 °С.

The organization standard STO 59705183-001-2007 «Constructions of insulation for the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® insulating products. Engineering and installation» is the first regulatory document in Russia for the engineering of insulation with the use of insulating products from polyethylene foam.

The standard drawings album Series 5.904.9-78.08 «Insulation of the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® products» is a complete set of assembly drawings for insulation constructions from polyethylene foam Energoflex®.

The organization standard NOSTROY 2.12.69-2012 «Insulating works for internal pipelines of buildings and constructions» contains a number of requirements to technology, quality, control, and also to formation of reporting and technical documentation when performing insulating works.

The calculation software ROLS PROJECT allows to calculate thicknesses of insulating materials Energoflex® for heating systems, water supply systems, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Its peculiarity consists in the possibility in addition to calculations to draw up the engineering design documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 «System of building design documents. Rules of carrying out of working documents of insulation of equipment and pipelines: technical assembly record and the equipment specification».