Regulatory documentation and standards

GOST R 56729-2015 (EN 14313:2009) «Products from a penopolietilen insulating factory production, applied to the engineering equipment of buildings and industrial plants. General specifications»

Since June 1, 2016 GOST P 56729-2015 (EN 14313:2009) is enacted. The document completely answers the purpose and the principles established by Federal law N 184-FZ «On technical regulation» and is harmonized with the European EN 14313:2009 standard «Thermal insulating products for building equipment and industrial installations-Factory made polyethylene foam (PEF) products-Specifications»

GOST R 56729-2015 (EN 14313:2009) approved and put into effect the order of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology also contains a necessary set of requirements imposed to technical isolation from PEF:

  • thermal conductivity;
  • reaction to fire;
  • maximum operating temperature;
  • water absorption;
  • diffusion resistance of water vapour;
  • durability.


GOST obliges the producer to declare the technical characteristics of thermal insulation received during real testing by the techniques established by this standard.

Heat conductivity of flat samples define in accordance with GOST 7076, heat conductivity of flat samples of products of big thickness - in accordance with GOST 31924, heat conductivity of samples of a cylindrical form - in accordance with GOST 32025.

Fire technical characteristics define in accordance with GOST 30244, GOST 30402, GOST 12.1.044 (subsection 4.20)

The maximum operating temperature of ST (+) flat samples is determined in accordance with GOST 32312, samples of a cylindrical form - in accordance with GOST EN 14707.

Water absorption of samples of flat articles at short-term partial immersion of Wp define in accordance with GOST EN 1609, samples of products of a cylindrical form - in accordance with GOST 32301 (method B).

Characteristics of vapor permeability of flat articles define in accordance with GOST 25898, products of a cylindrical form - in accordance with GOST 32303.

The most important characteristic of any insulating material is its thermal conductivity conductivity. Therefore we took measurement of coefficient of thermal conductivity conductivity in the leading European research institute - FIW (Research Institute for Thermal Insulation, Munich, Germany).

Certificates and test reports are on the corresponding pages of our website.

The producer or his authorized representative has to bear responsibility for compliance of the products released by it to requirements of the present standard. The assessment of compliance is carried out in accordance with GOST 31915 and has to be based on results of standard tests of prototypes and control of production at the enterprise by the producer, including assessment of products and test of the samples, which are selected at the enterprise.


STO 59705109-012-2021 «Constructions of insulation for the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energomax® insulating products Energomax made of foamed polyolefin plastomer. Engineering and installation».

The standard is developed into account the requirements of SP 61.13330.2012. It establishes the requirements to design and perform installation works for insulation structures using insulation products Energomax made of foamed polyolefin plastomer. Energomax® products are intended for insulation of equipment, pipelines and air ducts of utility networks, ventilation and air conditioning systems, process systems with an insulated surface temperature from – 80 °С to + 105 °С. They are made of the latest polymer and combine the advantages of two of the most common thermal insulation materials:
- durability, strength, frost resistance and low smoke formation of polyethylene;
- flexibility of of flexible elastomeric foam.





STO 59705183-001-2007 «Constructions of insulation for the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® insulating products. Engineering and installation»;

In 2007, the Engineering company on thermal technical construction «Teploproject», OJSC, GUP MNIITEP and a group of specialists of ROLS ISOMARKET company developed the first Russian regulatory document for the engineering of insulation with the use of insulating products from polyethylene foam of the famous Russian brand Energoflex® – STO 59705183-001-2007 «Constructions of heat insulation for the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® insulating products. Engineering and installation». This standard became the first official document in Russia establishing the requirements to the engineering and installation insulation constructions from polyethylene foam products and considering the specific character of materials of this type. The document has passed the examination in the Open Joint-stock company «Center for Methodology, Normalization and Standardization in Civil Engineering» (TsNS, OJSC) and is registered by the Technical Committee TK 465 «Building» that confirms its conformity to the existing regulatory system of the Russian Federation.

The standard contains:


  • requirements to insulation constructions, Energoflex® insulating products, Energopack® covering materials and accessories for the installation Energoflex® and Energopack®;
  • requirements to the engineering and calculation methods for insulation constructions with examples of the most widespread application cases;
  • requirements to the insulation works with the use of Energoflex® materials.


All requirements are structured by separate sections according to the purpose of an insulated engineering system, for each of which unequivocal designing rules are established. Along with this, the transition from a tough rating of thermal losses to the calculation of a power efficient thickness of a insulating layer is established in the Standard for the first time. The calculation procedure allows to project an insulation construction taking into account operating life, costs of thermal energy, the price of insulating and covering materials (including installation accessories), as well as expenses for the performance of insulation works and a payback of insulation constructions for each specific case. At the same time, tables with effective thicknesses of insulating layers from Energoflex® material are given in the document for the most widespread cases of application.


The standard drawings album Series 5.904.9-78.08 «Heat insulation of the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® products»

In October, 2008, a complete set of assembly drawings series 5.904.9-78.08 for standard insulation constructions «Insulation of the equipment and pipelines with the use of Energoflex® products» was developed and put into operation by the Engineering company on thermal technical construction «Teploproject» in cooperation with ROLS ISOMARKET company.


This document represents an assembly drawings album for insulation constructions made of polyethylene foam Energoflex® for engineering systems, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, technological systems located in premises in the open air with the insulated surface temperature from − 40 °С up to + 95 °С, namely:

  • pipelines,
  • bends,
  • tees,
  • swages,
  • round and rectangular air ducts,
  • flanged joints and fittings,
  • tanks,
  • transition pieces through building constructions.


The album is designed in accordance with SPDS requirements (System of Design Documentation for Construction), SP 61.13330.2012 «Insulation of equipment and pipelines» and STO 59705183-001-2007 «Constructions of insulation with the use of Energoflex® insulating polyethylene foam products. Engineering and installation». The application of insulating materials Energoflex® both without a covering layer, and with Energopack® and Energopack® ТК covers is considered in the document.

The album of standard drawings is the first document of this kind in Russia created for the effective application of modern insulating materials. Its application considerably simplifies the work for design organizations employees. Having this document a specialist needs only to choose the necessary drawing and to specify its number by the preparation of the design documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 requirements «System of building design documents. Rules of carrying out of working documents of heat insulation of equipment and pipelines». In other words, the document allows to reduce time for the preparation of the design documentation, thus maintaining high accuracy of calculations and observance of the requirements to the engineering design documentation.


STO 59705109-005-2013 «Heat insulation for the water systems of heating, which are built in floor surfaces with application of products from Energofloor® expanded polystyrene. Engineering and installation».

One of the main advantages of this standard is that in it in Russia rationing on thermal resistance for the insulation materials applied in floor heating systems is introduced for the first time. And these norms are harmonized with requirements of the European standards EN 1264-4 and DIN 4108-10.
At the same time, STO were included in structure the floor design examples with application of the products Energofloor® Pipelock and Energofloor® Tacker, considering existing rules on design of insulating, specifications, requirements of fire safety, environmental protection and modern tendencies in design of heat-insulation of the equipment and pipelines.





STO 59705109-007-2014 «Designs of insulation for the equipment and pipelines with application of insulating products from flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) «Energocell® HT. Engineering and installation».

It is the Russia's first standard on design of insulating designs for the flexible elastomeric foam. It not only contains a list of the recommended thickness of a insulation layer from the products Energocell® HT in insulating designs, but also allows to provide at design:

– energy efficiency of designs of insulation;

– increase of level of safety of the operated engineering communications;

– improvements of operational properties and increase of durability of designs of insulation.


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