Energopack® bends selection table

Outer Ø
of pipeline,
mm, no more, than
Thickness of insulation layer, mm
Standart size of bend
9-10 Article 13-15 Article 20 Article
32     80(R30) EPKO08005030ST 90(R30) EPKO09005030ST
38 80(R30) EPKO08005030ST 90(R30) EPKO09005030ST 110(R30) EPKO11005030ST
45 80(R30) EPKO08005030ST 90(R30) EPKO09005030ST 110(R30) EPKO11005030ST
57 90(R35) EPKO09005035ST 100(R30) EPKO10005030ST 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST
76 100(R50) EPKO10005050ST 120(R45) EPKO12005045ST 130(R40) EPKO13005040ST
89 120(R65) EPKO12005065ST 130(R60) EPKO13005060ST 150(R55) EPKO15005055ST
108 140(R85) EPKO14005085ST 150(R80) EPKO15005080ST 170(R75) EPKO17005075ST
114 150(R80) EPKO15005080ST 160(R75) EPKO16005075ST 170(R70) EPKO17005070ST
133 170(R110) EPKO17005110ST 180(R105) EPKO18005105ST 190(R100) EPKO19005100ST
159 200(R135) EPKO20005135ST 210(R130) EPKO21005130ST 220(R125) EPKO22005125ST
168 210(R130) EPKO21005130ST 210(R125) EPKO21005125ST 220(R120) EPKO22005120ST
219 250(R180) EPKO25005180ST 250(R175) EPKO25005175ST 270(R170) EPKO27005170ST
273 300(R225) EPKO30005225ST 310(R220) EPKO31005220ST 320(R215) EPKO32005215ST
325 350(R275) EPKO35005275ST        
Outer Ø
of pipeline,
mm, no more, than
Thickness of insulation layer, mm
Standart size of bend
23-25 Article 30 Article 33-35 Article
32 100(R30) EPKO10005030ST 110(R30) EPKO11005030ST 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST
38 110(R30) EPKO11005030ST 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST
45 110(R30) EPKO11005030ST 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST 130(R30) EPKO13005030ST
57 120(R30) EPKO12005030ST 130(R30) EPKO13005030ST 140(R30) EPKO14005030ST
76 130(R35) EPKO13005035ST 140(R30) EPKO14005030ST 150(R30) EPKO15005030ST
89 140(R50) EPKO14005050ST 150(R45) EPKO15005045ST 160(R40) EPKO16005040ST
108 170(R70) EPKO17005070ST 170(R65) EPKO17005065ST 180(R60) EPKO18005060ST
114 170(R65) EPKO17005065ST 180(R60) EPKO18005060ST 190(R55) EPKO19005055ST
133 190(R95) EPKO19005095ST 200(R90) EPKO20005090ST 210(R85) EPKO21005085ST
159 220(R120) EPKO22005120ST 220(R115) EPKO22005115ST 230(R110) EPKO23005110ST
168 220(R115) EPKO22005115ST 230(R110) EPKO23005110ST 240(R105) EPKO24005105ST
219 270(R165) EPKO27005165ST 280(R160) EPKO28005160ST 290(R155) EPKO29005155ST
273 330(R210) EPKO33005210ST 340(R205) EPKO34005205ST 350(R200) EPKO35005200ST
Outer Ø
of pipeline,
mm, no more, than
Thickness of insulation layer, mm
Standart size of bend
40 Article 45 Article 50 Article
32 140(R30) EPKO14005030ST 150(R30) EPKO15005030ST 160(R30) EPKO16005030ST
38 130(R30) EPKO13005030ST 140(R30) EPKO14005030ST 150(R30) EPKO15005030ST
45 140(R30) EPKO14005030ST 160(R30) EPKO16005030ST 170(R30) EPKO17005030ST
57 150(R30) EPKO15005030ST 160(R30) EPKO16005030ST 180(R30) EPKO18005030ST
76 160(R30) EPKO16005030ST 180(R30) EPKO18005030ST 190(R30) EPKO19005030ST
89 170(R35) EPKO17005035ST 180(R30) EPKO18005030ST 200(R30) EPKO20005030ST
108 190(R55) EPKO19005055ST 200(R50) EPKO20005050ST 210(R45) EPKO21005045ST
114 200(R50) EPKO20005050ST 210(R45) EPKO21005045ST 220(R40) EPKO22005040ST
133 220(R80) EPKO22005080ST 230(R75) EPKO23005075ST 240(R70) EPKO24005070ST
159 240(R105) EPKO24005105ST 250(R100) EPKO25005100ST 260(R95) EPKO26005095ST
168 250(R100) EPKO25005100ST 260(R95) EPKO26005095ST 270(R90) EPKO27005090ST
219 300(R150) EPKO30005150ST 310(R145) EPKO31005145ST 320(R140) EPKO32005140ST