BIM-models library

ROLS ISOMARKET is a recognized leader and expert of the insulation materials market.
Focusing on modern changes in the construction industry, we have developed informational 3D copies of insulation materials (BIM-models), that meet general standards and requirements.
In accordance with Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 331 of 05.03.2021 for the construction and reconstruction of capital construction facilities financed with the funds of the budget system of the Russian Federation, the use of BIM modeling will become mandatory from January 1, 2022.

Download Energomax®, Energoflex® BIM-models

Files in Library:
- Revit 2019 project in «.rvt» format with insulation families;
- two «.dyn» files with scripts for Dynamo 2.0.
These families of BIM-models of insulation are developed for versions of Revit 2019 and above, Dynamo 2.0 and above.

New BIM models will allow you to:
- perform automatic calculation of quantity of heat insulation, coating material, accessories;
- create a two-layer insulation structure or add a cover layer Energopack® TK SK;
- take into account the consumption of insulation materials for fittings (shaped elements);
- set the required safety factor for insulation;
- search for errors in insulation sizes by element ID;
- fill the specification automatically.

The specification contains:
- name and type of insulation;
- size and thickness;
- name of regulatory document;
- article;
- quantity of material;
- manufacturer's trademark.

Download Energofloor® BIM-models

Files in Library:
- Revit 2016 project in «.rvt» format with insulation trademarks;
- insulation models in «.ifc» format;
- instructions for working with models.

A video instruction on how to work with BIM-models is available on ROLS ISOMARKET YouTube channel