Energomax® – the unique insulation, made of foamed polyolefin plastomer, combines the advantages of the two most common heat insulation materials:
- durability, strength, frost resistance and low smoke formation of polyethylene;
- flexibility of flexible elastomeric foam.

Energoflex® materials are intended for insulation of engineering services: heating systems, water supply, sewerage, ventilation and air-conditioning.

The noise-attenuating material Energoflex® Acoustic is specially developed for improvement of acoustic comfort of buildings. The gear profile of an internal surface and high density of material allow to reduce considerably noise in plastic wastewater system.

High-temperature insulation Energocell® HT from flexible elastomeric foam with the closed cellular structure is intended for isolation of thermal points and networks, industrial technological, and also the solar systems at the maximum temperature of the heat carrier to +150 °C without restriction on influence time.

Energofloor® - a line of the specialized insulating materials, developed for application in floor heating systems.

Energopack® protective covering are intended for the protection of insulation against mechanical damages, atmospheric forcing and ultra-violet radiation.