Calculation software

Specialists of the ROLS ISOMARKET company developed the new estimated ROLS PROJECT program.
The program is intended for calculation of thickness of insulating constructions on the basis of the products Energoflex®, Energocell® HT and the covering materials Energopack® for heating, water supply, ventilation and conditioning. The program can be used for drawing up the work documentation according to GOST 21.405-93 «Rule of execution of the work documentation of insulation of the equipment and pipelines».

How to download and install the program

1. For downloading of the estimated ROLS PROJECT program it is necessary to be registered.
2. Fill all lines of the registration form (it is located below on the page). The link for downloading and registration confirmation will come to the specified e-mail address.
3. Follow the link specified in the e-mail and download the program.
4. Save in selected by you the place the installation file.
5. Unpack the zip-file.
6. Start the .msi file.
7. Further follow instructions of the program.
8. For installation the «Microsoft. NET Framework 4» installation can be required.
9. Carry out the first start-up of the program.
10. At the first start of the program loading of the necessary additional software - Microsoft SQL Server Compact version 4.0 will be automatically carried out.
11. After the Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 installation you can get to full work with ROLS PROJECT.

Certificate of conformity
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Conclusion of CCPC
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