GOST R 56729-2015 (EN 14313:2009) establishes the general rules for all producers of insulation from the made foam polyethylene.
Till June, 2016 producers established technical requirements to the released insulating materials and received certificates on compliance to these requirements. As a result objectively to compare characteristics of various materials it wasn't represented possible. In such conditions need of creation of the national standard, uniform for all participants of the market has appeared. Therefore with the assistance of specialists of our company GOST R 56729-2015, which establishes the general requirements to all produced materials from PPE has been developed and enacted.

For example:According to the GOST all materials which heat conductivity exceeds an indicator of 0,05 W/(m•°С) (при 10°С) aren't isolation for the engineering equipment of buildings and plants.
Materials have to be tested by the uniform techniques established by the GOST.
Before emergence of the uniform national standard producers of insulating materials could choose techniques of tests randomly. The GOST has entered uniform methodology, thanks to which all participants of the market are put in identical conditions.
Technical characteristics have to be confirmed by protocols of certified tests. Information on technical characteristics has to be placed on production or its packing.
According to the GOST technical characteristics have to be declared by the producer and are confirmed with certified tests. At the same time declarations, test reports and certificates of conformity have to be in public access, and technical characteristics have to be reflected in marking of products or packing. Absence at the producer of such protocols and certificates can mean, that the declared characteristics don't correspond real, or weren't confirmed by tests at all.
According to the GOST specification all production has to pass systematic tests for confirmation of the declared characteristics.
Before introduction of the GOST specification frequency of carrying out tests was established by producers. As result – tests could not be carried out by decades. The GOST establishes accurate terms for confirmation of each of technical characteristics:
  • sizes and maximum deviations – 1 time at 24 hours;
  • heat conductivity – 1 time in 2 years;
  • maximum working temperature – 1 time in 5 years;
  • factor of resistance of diffusion of water vapor – 1 time in 5 years;
  • water absorption – 1 time in 5 years.


GOST R 56729-2015 is not the «recipe of preparation» of insulation and not the table with characteristics of materials.
First, it is ideology to which those participants of the market, who want to develop, introduce and produce honestly and openly modern insulating materials on the basis of uniform rules have to follow.
Secondly, it is an opportunity for the consumer to obtain the fullest information on technical characteristics of production and to learn what he actually pays money for.