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ROLS ISOMARKET warehouse in Sofrino

The modern market requires constant development. This applies to both the level of technology and related services. In both cases, ROLS ISOMARKET retains the leading position of the domestic and global markets of insulation materials. In support of this – the new logistics capacities of the company.

Since July 2021, we have placed warehouse terminals in the largest logistics center in the metropolitan region – the Industrial Park «RUSICH-Kholmogory». Today, it is this location that maximally corresponds to the tasks of ROLS ISOMARKET and its partners.

Our products are now placed on 11,000 m2 of a class A + warehouse complex just 30 km from Moscow along the Yaroslavl highway near the intersection with the Central Ring Road.

Fast and convenient access, a well-planned scheme inside the Park allows you to minimize the time to send large-capacity vehicles. 9 bootable docks of the ROLS ISOMARKET terminal work for this task. Class A +, which is assigned to the logistics complex «RUSICH-Kholmogory», means, among other things, one of the highest levels of safety.

We are confident that the ROLS ISOMARKET warehouse in Sofrino will not only improve cooperation with partners, but will also contribute to our effective cooperation in the future.

ROLS ISOMARKET Warehouse Address:
Industrial Park «RUSICH-Kholmogory», possession 1, building 1, 48 km of Yaroslavl highway, Sofrino settlement, Pushkin district, Moscow Region, 141270.
You can pick up your order, including with the help of map.



The ROLS ISOMARKET company carried out certification of the insulating materials Energoflex® on compliance of GOST R 56729-2015 (EN 14313:2009) «The national standard of the Russian Federation. Products from a penopolietilen heat-insulating factory production, applied to the engineering equipment of buildings and industrial plants. General specifications».

This standard was developed with participation of specialists of our company and is enacted on June 1, 2016.

GOST R 56729-2015 (EN14313:2009) obliges the producer to declare the technical characteristics of insulation received during real testing by the techniques established by this standard.

The most important characteristic of any heat-insulating material is its thermal conductivity. But, unfortunately, in Russia there are no testing facilities for measurement of coefficient of thermal conductivity of insulating tubes so far. Therefore we took measurement of this indicator in the leading European research institute - FIW (Research Institute for Insulation, Munich, Germany).

The certificate and test reports are on the corresponding pages of our website. We confirm with the open publication of protocols of certified testing values of the received technical characteristics.

Once again confirmed with carrying out certification of the materials Energoflex® on compliance of GOST R 56729-2015 (EN14313:2009) ROLS ISOMARKET the rank of the leader and expert of the market making products of the highest quality.



One of the basic principles of activity of ROLS ISOMARKET as largest producer and supplier of domestic insulation still was and remains continuous improvement of branch normative and technical base. In particular, this creation of the uniform rules of design answering the purpose and the principles of the Federal Law N 184-FZ «About technical regulation», and also to the most modern international standards.
In June, 2015 the portfolio of the standards of the organization developed by specialists of the company was replenished at once with two normative documents.

STO 59705109-005-2013 «Heat insulation for the water systems of heating, which are built in floor surfaces with application of products from Energofloorexpanded polystyrene. Design and installation.»

One of the main advantages of this standard is that in it in Russia rationing on thermal resistance for the heat-insulation materials applied in floor heating systems is introduced for the first time. And these norms are harmonized with requirements of the European standards EN 1264-4 and DIN 4108-10.
At the same time, STO were included in structure the floor design examples with application of the products Energofloor® Pipelock and Energofloor® Tacker, considering existing rules on design of heat-insulating, specifications, requirements of fire safety, environmental protection and modern tendencies in design of heat-insulation of the equipment and pipelines.




STO 59705109-007-2014 « Designs of heat-insulation for the equipment and pipelines with application of heat-insulating products from flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) Energocell HT. Design and installation».

It is the Russia's first standard on design of heat-insulating designs for the flexible elastomeric foam. It not only contains a list of the recommended thickness of a insulation layer from the products Energocell® HT in heat-insulating designs, but also allows to provide at design:

– energy efficiency of designs of heat-insulation;

– increase of level of safety of the operated engineering communications;

– improvements of operational properties and increase of durability of designs of heat-insulation.





Our company carried out tests and received certificates of conformity on production of the trademarks Energoflex®, Energofloor®, Energopack® in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Also Kazakh experts successfully booked certified audit of a quality management system of production ROLS ISOMARKET on compliance to requirements of the standard ST PK ISO 9001-2006 (ISO 9001:9015).
According to it our products can be sold in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
You watch certificates of conformity and ISO 9001-2016 on pages of our website.






The standard contains requirements to administrative processes at all production phases – from raw materials control before production quality check before its sending from a warehouse.
Quality management was and remains to one of the most important components of our interaction with clients.
The received certificate once again confirmed aspiration of ROLS ISOMARKET to offer the market the high-quality insulation materials corresponding to declared characteristics.







The fact of attraction by NOSTROY association (National Association of Builders) employee of our company Alexey Samsonenko for development of the standard of the organization became the next proof of recognition of leader and expert positions of ROLS ISOMARKET.

It is obvious that inviting our expert, NOSTROY considered an extensive experience of ROLS ISOMARKET in rule-making activity. Let's remind what exactly our company in Russia standardized for the first time requirements to insulating materials from from polyethylene foam, and also to design of insulating designs from PPE.
Thus, in March, 2013 No. 2.12.69-2012 NOSTROY standard «Insulating works for internal pipelines of buildings and constructions» came out. This standard conforms to requirements of federal laws «On technical regulation» (No. 184-FZ) and «Technical regulations about safety of buildings and constructions» (No. 384-FZ), and also requirements of the town-planning code of the Russian Federation regarding article 55.13.
Besides, in the standard current trends of development of the construction industry, and also knowledge and practical practices of leading companies of branch are considered.
The standard contains a number of requirements:
– requirements to technology of performance of insulating works;
– requirements to control of performance of work;
– requirements to formation of reporting and technical documentation;
– requirements to quality of performance of work.
We are sure that this standard becomes one more important milestone on a creation way in Russia of a uniform complex of industry normative documents.



And after all it is quite real prospect if at installation of a floor heating it is wrong to pick up insulation.
Let's try understand, what most popular beliefs in application of insulating materials for floor heating and that can occur if to be guided not to recommendations of professionals, and settled to myths and desire to save.

You want to change the floor?!
Download (.pdf, 360 Kb)






As the leader and the expert of the russian market of polyethylene foam insulation, the ROLS ISOMARKET company offers the clients production of quality of world level which is confirmed with tests in leading laboratories of Russia and Europe.

So, in October-December, 2012 tubes Energoflex® Black Star and Energoflex® Black Star Split for central airs insulating were tested on water vapour diffusion resistance (µ) in laboratory of leading European research institute FIW (Munich), specializing on tests of insulating materials. Tests were carried out to compliance with the European technique of EN 13469 and confirmed high quality of the materials released by our company:
Tubes Energoflex® Black Star – µ 4200;
Tubes Energoflex® Black Star Split – µ 9600.

The received result much more surpasses level of water vapour diffusion resistance, declared for our production.
Thus, the consumers choosing Energoflex® insulation, receive the competitive production conforming to the international standards of quality.
It is possible to study the test report according to the link.



The largest plant in the Eastern Europe involved into the production of expanded polyethylene insulating materials of ROLS ISOMARKETcompany is up and running at full capacity.

A new plant located in Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl Oblast) producing insulating materials for engineering services with total area of 7000 m2 is equipped with state-of-the-art devices produced by KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH – a leading world manufacturer of extrusion equipment for polymers.

An outstanding feature of the enterprise is a wide implementation of energy saving technologies and ecological safety. Production waste shall be subject to secondary processing in full and the recuperation system allows to use heat released at production for rooms heating.

At present, the insulation output volume allows to satisfy the market needs in full. The products are manufactured according to the standard complying with the European EN 14313 – “Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installation – Factory made polyethylene foam (PEF) products – Specification”. Modern production allows not only to expand the product range and improve the product quality, but also to secure a leading position for ROLS ISOMARKET company at the Russian market of technical insulation due to the use of eco-friendly and energy efficient technologies.