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Dear partners!
Starting January 30, 2023, we will begin selling the Energoflex® Super Protect Black – a specialized series of Energoflex® Super Protect insulation with a black polymer coating.

19 December 2022
Dear partners!
Please note the features of ROLS ISOMARKET's New Year schedule.
• On December 23, the company's office and warehouse will be open until 15.00. In this regard, please: submit transport for loading no later, than 13.30.
• The last working day in 2022 will be December 30th. On this day, the company's warehouse will be open until 17.00. In this regard, please: submit transport for loading no later, than 15.00.
• The first working day in 2023 is January 9.
25 November 2022

Starting December 12, 2022, prices of metal covers Energopack® will rise.
Updated price-lists are posted on the corresponding pages of the site.

25 November 2022

Since November 25, the range of our products will change:
• The production of Energomax® tubes and sheet (rolls) from the foam polyolefin plastomer is resumed.
• Energomax® tubes of two sizes is discontinued:
- 110/25-2, article: EMXT110252;
- 114/25-2, article: EMXT114252.

Starting October 12, 2022, the supplys of Italian-made Reinforced tapes Energopro® will resume.

23 September 2022
Dear partners!
Starting September 23, 2022, the supplys of materials and accessories Energocell® HT will resume.
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