Tubes Energoflex® Black Star Split 2 m


Tubes Energoflex® Black Star Split are developed specifically to protect outdoor copper air-conditioning piping.

Thanks to the use of the most modern extrusion technologies, a strong polymer coating is reliably welded to the surface of the insulation layer and protects it from ultraviolet radiation, mechanical and atmospheric influences.

  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
When laying in the open air, there is no need to protect the insulation with casings and self-adhesive tapes.
The smooth interior surface makes it easy to install insulation on copper pipes without the use of talc.


Feature Value Method
Thermal conductiviti λ, W/(m•°С)
at 10°С at 20°С at 30°С
0,039 0,040 0,042
GOST 32025-2012
Maximum service temperature,°С + 95 GOST EN 14707-2011
Reaction to fire G1 GOST 30244-94
Water vapour diffusion resistance µ, not less 9000 GOST 32303-2011
Corrosion safety Resistance to aggressive construction materials – cement, concrete, gypsum, lime.  
Environmental aspects Chlorofluorohydrocarbons and sulfur free  


Insulation is mounted on a copper pipe

Inches Outer Ø, mm
1/4 6,35
3/8 9,53
1/2 12,7
5/8 15,88


Inner Ø of insulation, mm Insulation thickness 6 mm Article
Standart size
6 6/6-2 EFXT006062BSSPL
10 10/6-2 EFXT010062BSSPL
12 12/6-2 EFXT012062BSSPL
15 15/6-2 EFXT015062BSSPL


Packed in cartons with dimensions of 2050 x 395 x 295 mm.

Insulation thickness 6 mm
Standard size quantity per package, m gross weight, kg package volume, m3
6/6-2 480 5,93 0,240
10/6-2 320 5,77 0,240
12/6-2 280 5,53 0,240
15/6-2 200 5,41 0,240


Contact adhesive Energopro®
Contact adhesive Energopro®
Volume Approximate consumption of 1L of contact adhesive: Article
Pipes 6 mm thick 240-300 linear m
Pipes 9 mm thick 160-200 linear m
Pipes 13 mm thick 110-140 linear m
Pipes 20 mm thick 70-90 linear m
Pipes 25 mm thick 50-60 linear m
Pipes 32 mm thick 40-50 linear m
Pipes 40 mm thick 30-40 linear m
Rolls and plates ~5 м²
Package: 0,8 L metal can EPRADH0/8B
2,6 L metal can EPRADH2/0B
Storage temperature: From - 20°С to + 40°С
Use temperature: Not below 10°С
Adhesive diluent Energopro®
Adhesive diluent Energopro®
Use Approximate consumption EPRDIL1/0B
Insulation of pipelines 0,02 L per 10 m of a pipeline
Insulation of flat surfaces, tanks and devices 0.057 L per 10 м² of the insulated surface
Insulation of fittings and accessories 0,096 L per 10 pcs. of fittings and accessories
Package: 1 L metal cans
Storage temperature: From - 20°С to + 40°С
Montage knife Energopro®
Montage knife Energopro®
Blade length: 295 mm EPRKNIFE
Reinforced tape Energopro® gray
Reinforced tape Energopro® gray
Reinforced self-adhesive tape Energopro® of gray color is applied at installation of Energoflex® Super insulation. Due to the reinforcing net the tape possesses high rupture strength. Article
Approximate expenditure: 1,15 – 1,45 of the straight piping length of a pipeline;
26 m on 10 m2 isolated surface
Width: 48 mm
Height: 25 m EPRL04825ARSKGR
50 m EPRL04850ARSKGR
Temperature: Not below 10°С