Contact adhesive Energopro®


Contact adhesive Energopro® is designed for gluing to each other and gluing to metal surfaces of insulating materials made of polyethylene foam, foamed polyolefin plastomer and flexible elastomeric foam.


Volume Approximate consumption of 1L of contact adhesive: Article
Pipes 6 mm thick 240-300 linear m
Pipes 9 mm thick 160-200 linear m
Pipes 13 mm thick 110-140 linear m
Pipes 20 mm thick 70-90 linear m
Pipes 25 mm thick 50-60 linear m
Pipes 32 mm thick 40-50 linear m
Pipes 40 mm thick 30-40 linear m
Rolls and plates ~5 м²
Package: 0,8 L metal can EPRADH0/8B
2,6 L metal can EPRADH2/0B
Storage temperature: From - 20°С to + 40°С
Use temperature: Not below 10°С



Cans of 0,8 L are packed into cartons with dimensions of 332 x 233 x 298 mm.

Cans of 2,0 L are packed into cartons with dimensions of 280 x 280 x 293 mm.

designation package type quantity per package, pcs. gross weight, kg package volume, m3
Contact adhesive Energopro® 0,8 L 8 6,67 0,013
2,0 L 4 7,71 0,013