Contact adhesive Energocell®   HT

Contact adhesive Energocell® HT is used for joining insulation junctions. Article
Volume Approximate consumption of 1L of contact adhesive: ECLADH2/6HT
Pipes 9 mm thick 240-300 linear m
Pipes 13 mm thick 160-200 linear m
Pipes 19 mm thick 110-140 linear m
Pipes 25 mm thick 70-90 linear m
Cheets (rolls) ~5m2
Package: 2,6 L metal cans
Storage temperature: From + 10 to + 40°С
Use temperature: From + 10 to + 40°С




Packed into cartons with dimensions of 230 x 250 x 450 mm.
designation package type quantity per package, pcs. gross weight, kg package volume, m3
Contact adhesive Energocell® HT 2,6 L Carton 6 15,5 0,026