Cleaner Energoflex®

Energoflex® cleaner is intended for the cleaning and degreasing of insulated surfaces and tools from Energoflex® Extra and Energocell® HT adhesive traces, as well as for its dilution to the required viscosity. Article
Use Approximate consumption EFXCLEAN1
Insulation of pipelines 0,02 L per 10 m of a pipeline
Insulation of flat surfaces, tanks and devices 0.057 L per 10 m2 of the insulated surface
Insulation of fittings and accessories 0,096 L per 10 pcs. of fittings and accessories
Package: 1 L metal cans
Storage temperature: No more, than 40°С




designation package type quantity per package, pcs. gross weight, kg package volume, m3
Cleaner  Energoflex® 1 L Carton 12 11,90 0,026