Self-tapping screws Energopack®

Special galvanized self-tapping screws Energopack® with a drill are used for the joining of Energopack® metal casings. A cross screwdriver НР 2 is used for the mounting. Article
Object Approximate expenditure of Energopack® self-tapping screws: EPKSCREW150
Straight piping 8 pcs.
Bend 90° 2 pcs. per segment (quantity of segments from 4 to 6)
Tee 8-16 pcs. (depending on a standard size)
Conic transition 2-4 шт. (в зависимости от типоразмера)
End cap 2 pcs.
Quantity per package: 150 pcs.


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designation package type quantity per package, pcs. gross weight, kg package volume, m3
Self-tapping screws Energopack® (150 pcs.) Carton 30 7,53 0,010