Sheets (rolls) Energocell®   HT


Sheets (rolls) Energocell® HT made from flexible elastomeric foam with the closed cellular structure, intended for isolation of thermal points and networks, industrial technological systems. The special compounding allows to apply Energocell® HT at the maximum service temperature to +150 °C without restriction on influence time. It guarantees long and high-quality work of thermal insulation in power, oil, food and pharmaceutical industries. The material is convenient in installation thanks to high elasticity, is ecologically safe, chlorofluorohydrocarbons and PVC free.

High maximum service temperature (to +150 °С without restriction on influence time).
Universal material for insulation of tubes of big diameter, fittings, capacities in high-temperature engineering systems.

Feature Value
Thermal conductiviti λ40, W/(м·°С) 0,042
Maximum service temperature,°С + 150
Reaction to fire G1
Ozone resistance Excellent
UV resistance Good

Item Article Thickness Width Length Quantity per roll
Sheet (roll) Energocell® HT 10/1,0-20 ECLR10120HT 10 mm 1 m 20 m 20 m2
Sheet (roll) Energocell® HT 13/1,0-14 ECLR13114HT 13 mm 1 m 14 m 14 m2
Sheet (roll) Energocell® HT 19/1,0-10 ECLR19110HT 19 mm 1 m 10 m 10 m2
Sheet (roll) Energocell® HT 25/1,0-8 ECLR2518HT 25 mm 1 m 8 m 8 m2

Packed into cartons with dimensions of 1080 х 540 х 540 mm.
standard size thickness, mm width, m length, m quantity per package, m2 gross weight, kg package volume, m3
10/1,0-20 10 1 20 20 16,78 0,315
13/1,0-14 13 1 14 14 15,11 0,315
19/1,0-10 19 1 10 10 14,51 0,315
25/1,0-8 25 1 8 8 15,44 0,315

Adhesive diluent Energopro®
Adhesive diluent Energopro® is designed to dilute Adhesive Energopro®, as well as prepare adhesive and insulated surfaces, to clean tools, to remove undercuts and excess adhesive after installation. Article
Use Approximate consumption EPRDIL1/0B
Insulation of pipelines 0,02 L per 10 m of a pipeline
Insulation of flat surfaces, tanks and devices 0.057 L per 10 м² of the insulated surface
Insulation of fittings and accessories 0,096 L per 10 pcs. of fittings and accessories
Package: 1 L metal cans
Storage temperature: From - 20°С to + 40°С
Montage knife Energopro
A montage knife Energopro® with a specific sharpening is intended for the insulation cutting. The knife has a special form and dimensions allowing to simplify the work of a professional fitter as much as possible. Артикул
Blade length: 295 mm ERRKNIFE
Self-adhesive tape Energocell® HT
Self-adhesive tape Energocell® HT from flexible elastomeric foam (EPDM) prossesses a low coefficient of heat conductivity (λ40=0,042 Вт/(м·°С) is intended for connect the joints of insulation products Energocell® HT. Article
Thickness: 3 mm ECLL0305015HTSK
Width: 50 mm
Lenght: 15 m
Temperature: Not below 10°С
Self-adhesive tape Energopro® PVC
Self-adhesive tape Energopro® PVC of black color is applied at Energomax® and Energocell® HT insulation. Article
Width: 48 mm EPRL04833PVCSKBK
Length: 33 m
Temperature: Not below 10°С

Energocell® HT – the real high-temperature insulation