Tubes Energoflex® Acoustic


The noise-attenuating material Energoflex® Acoustic is specially developed for improvement of acoustic comfort of buildings.

The gear profile of an internal surface and high density of material allow to reduce considerably noise in sanitary systems.

According to the researchers conducted in Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (Stuttgart, Germany) according to EN 14366, application of Energoflex® Acoustic allows to sound pressure level reduction of the plastic wastewater system by 10 dB.

  • Insulation easily, quickly and with the minimum quantity of waste is mounted on pipelines with a diameter of 110 mm.
  • The release form in coils allows to lower three times costs of logistics of transportations and warehousing.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe material, doesn't demand special means of protection at installation.
Sound pressure level reduction of the plastic wastewater system by 10 dB.
Decrease in costs of logistics thanking to release form in coils.
Simplicity in installation with the minimum quantity of waste.


Feature Value Method
Sound pressure level reduction from plastic sewage pipes, dB (A) 10 DIN EN 14366
Reaction to fire G1 GOST 30244-94
Corrosion safety Resistance to aggressive construction materials – cement, concrete, gypsum, lime  
Environmental aspects Chlorofluorohydrocarbons and sulfur free  


Item Article Inner Ø of insulation Length
Quantity per package
Tube Energoflex® Acoustic 110-5 EFXT1105ACU 110 mm 5 m 25 m
Tube Energoflex® Acoustic 110-2 EFXT1102ACU 110 mm 2 m 56 m



Tubes being 5 meters in coils are packed into cartons with dimensions of 400 x 400 x 1010 mm

Tubes being 2 meters are packed into cartons with dimensions of 395 x 595 x 2050 mm

Standart size Quantity per package, m Gross weight, kg Package volume, m3 Quantity of packings on the pallet, pcs.
Tube Energoflex® Acoustic 110-5 25 5,15 0,160 12
Tube Energoflex® Acoustic 110-2 56 12,15 0,482 4


Montage knife Energopro®
Montage knife Energopro®

A montage knife Energopro® with a specific sharpening is intended for the insulation cutting.

Blade length: 295 mm ERRKNIFE
Tape Energoflex® Super SK
Tape Energoflex® Super SK

Self-adhesive tape Energoflex® Super SK from polyethylene foam possesses a low coefficient of heat conductivity (λ0=0,035 Вт/(м·°С) and is intended for the insulation of fittings, accessories and hard-to-reach sections of pipelines in heating and water supply systems, as well as for the sealing of different joints.

Thickness: 3 mm EFXL0305015SUSK
Width: 50 mm
Length: 15 m
Temperature: Not below 10°С


Energoflex® Acoustic - special noise-reduction material