Sheets (rolls) Energoflex®   Vent

Specialized self-adhesive insulation Energoflex® Vent for heat-, sound insulation of air ducts of ventilation and air conditioning systems. Energoflex® Vent basis – the unique made foam material, produced from UMS-polymer thanks to what insulation has uniform close-meshed structure and low heat conductivity. Energoflex® Vent has the external surface strengthened due to application technological operations of stamping with an IR-warming up. Such surface is characterized with high coefficient of a thermolysis that allows to use insulating designs of smaller thickness and also gives to material highly esthetic exterior.
Besides reliable protection against condensate and thermal losses of Energoflex® Vent is the effective noise-absorbing and vibrodamping material.


The high coefficient of a thermolysis of material allows to project insulating designs of smaller thickness.
The external surface is strengthened due to application technological operations of stamping with an IR warming up.

Feature Value Method
Thermal conductiviti λ, W/(м·°С)
at 10°С at 20°С at 30°С
0,037 0,039 0,041
GOST 7076-99
Maximum service temperature,°С + 95 GOST 32312-2011
Reaction to fire G1 GOST 30244-94
Water vapour diffusion resistance μ, not less 9000 GOST 25898-2012
Adhesion of a glutinous layer to a metal surface, g/cm 600 GOST 24944-81
Corrosion safety Resistance to aggressive construction materials – cement, concrete, gypsum, lime  
Environmental Aspects Chlorofluorohydrocarbons and sulfur free  

Item Article Thickness Width Length Quantity per roll
Sheet (roll) Energoflex® Vent 5/1,0-20 EFXR05120VENT 5 mm 1 m 20 m 20 m2
Sheet (roll) Energoflex® Vent 10/1,0-10 EFXR10110VENT 10 mm 1 m 10 m 10 m2
Sheet (roll) Energoflex® Vent 15/1,0-7 EFXR1517VENT 15 mm 1 m 7 m 7 m2
Sheet (roll) Energoflex® Vent 20/1,0-5 EFXR2015VENT 20 mm 1 m 5 m 5 m2
Sheet (roll) Energoflex® Vent 25/1,0-4 EFXR2514VENT 25 mm 1 m 4 m 4 m2

Packed into cartons with dimensions of 1020 x 395 x 395 mm.
standard size thickness, mm width, m length, m quantity per package, m2 gross weight, kg package volume, m3
5/1,0-20 5 1 20 20 6,77 0,130
10/1,0-10 10 1 10 10 6,67 0,130
15/1,0-7 15 1 7 7 6,95 0,130
20/1,0-5 20 1 5 5 6,67 0,130
25/1,0-4 20 1 4 4 6,67 0,130

Adhesive diluent Energopro®
Adhesive diluent Energopro® is designed to dilute Adhesive Energopro®, as well as prepare adhesive and insulated surfaces, to clean tools, to remove undercuts and excess adhesive after installation. Article
Use Approximate consumption EPRDIL1/0B
Insulation of pipelines 0,02 L per 10 m of a pipeline
Insulation of flat surfaces, tanks and devices 0.057 L per 10 м² of the insulated surface
Insulation of fittings and accessories 0,096 L per 10 pcs. of fittings and accessories
Package: 1 L metal cans
Storage temperature: From - 20°С to + 40°С
Self-adhesive tape Energoflex® Vent
Self-adhesive tape Energoflex® Vent produced from the made foam UMS polymer possesses low coefficient of heat conductivity >10=0,037 W/(м·°С) and is intended for heat-, sound insulation of air ducts of ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as for the sealing of different joints. Article
25 m  
Width: 50 mm EFXL05025VENTSK
100 mm EFXL10025VENTSK
Use temperature: Not below 10°С