Plates Energofloor®


Plates Energofloor® – the moisture resistant material from expanded polystyrene, developed especially for creation of an additional lower layer in insulation of floor heating systems.

Thanks to the high thermal resistance and durability on compression plate Energofloor® provide the optimum thickness of a floor heating design according to the Standard of the Organization 59705109-005-2013, harmonized with modern European requirements.

  • Absence as a part of material phenol-formaldehyde and phosgene allows to apply plates in rooms with high requirements to ecological safety.
Allows to form the necessary thickness of a floor heating design.
Simplicity of installation thanks to easy cut of plates without special tools.
The economic form of release in the form of plates considerably reduces the price of logistics of transportations and warehousing.


Feature Value Method
Thermal resistance R25, m2*К/W
thickness 20 mm thickness 50 mm
0,5 1,25
Compression strength at 10% linear deformation, kPa, not less 100 GOST 15588-2014
Bending strength, kPa, not less 150 GOST 15588-2014
Water absorption on volume at full immersion during 24 hours,
%, no more
3,0 GOST 17177-94


Item Article Thickness Width Length Quantity per package
Plate Energofloor® 20/1,0-0,8 DEO-dm EFRP2010/8 20 mm 0,8 m 1,0 m 24 m2
Plate Energofloor® 50/1,0-0,8 DEO-dm EFRP5010/8 50 mm 0,8 m 1,0 m 9,6 m2



Packed into white-orange polyethylene packets.

Package dimensions: 1000 х 800 х 600 mm.

Package dimensions: 1000 х 800 х 600 mm.
standart size thickness, mm width, m lenght, m quantity per package, m2 gross weight, kg package volume, m3
Plate Energofloor® 20/1,0-0,8 DEO-dm 20 0,8 1,0 24 7,22 0,48
Plate Energofloor® 50/1,0-0,8 DEO-dm 50 0,8 1,0 9,6 7,22 0,48


Montage knife Energopro®
Montage knife Energopro®

A montage knife Energopro® with a specific sharpening is intended for the insulation cutting.

Blade length: 295 mm ERRKNIFE
Damper tape Energofloor®
Damper tape Energofloor®

Damper tape Energofloor® is intended for the compensation of thermal expansion of a cement underlayment in floor heating systems.

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 0,1 m EFRL1010011DM
0,15 m EFRL1015011DM
Length: 11 m
Tape-hermetic Energofloor®
Tape-hermetic Energofloor®

Tape-hermetic Energofloor® is intended for the joining and sealing of Energofloor® Compact, Energofloor® Tacker and Energofloor® Reflect insulation joints, prevents flowing of the liquid cement solution between joints of insulating materials.

Width 50 mm EFRL05050DM
Lenght 50 m
Temperature: Not below 10°С