Metal covering Energopack®

Energopack® metal enclosures secure the insulating layer from mechanical damages, atmospheric impacts and ultra-violet radiation. Covers, tees, bends and end caps are made of galvanized steel. High durability, ease of installation and a considered range make these materials as much reliable and easy to handle as possible.

It is recommended to use Energopack® covers made of an aluminum sheet for the systems subject to aggressive environments impact (for example, at food, chemical productions, etc.).
Selection of metal covers shall begin with a choice of a standard size of bends. The rest elements of a metal coating are selected by diameter of the selected bend.

Casings are made of galvanized steel* 0,5 mm thick.
Selection of casings begins with selection of bends.


  • Outer diameter of the insulated pipeline (D) is measured.
  • Thickness of an insulation layer (1) is measured .
  • According to the obtained data in the Energopack® bends selection Table the bend standard size with the corresponding average radius of a bend (R) is selected.
  • Direct sections, tees and end caps approach diameter of bend.
  • Elements of a casing are combined among themselves by means of a beading, then are fastened with self-tapping screws Energopack®.
  • For transition to smaller diameter the end cap on which center the opening of the necessary size is cut out is used.


D, мм Type of a casing
Casings for pipes L = 1 m Casings for tees Casings for bends 90°° ** End caps
Designation Article Designation Article Designation Designation Article
80 Т-СТ 80/05 EPKT08005ST ТР-СТ 80/05 EPKTR08005ST О-СТ 80/05[R..] З-СТ 80/05 EPKZ08005ST
90 Т-СТ 90/05 EPKT09005ST ТР-СТ 90/05 EPKTR09005ST О-СТ 90/05[R..] З-СТ 90/05 EPKZ09005ST
100 Т-СТ 100/05 EPKT10005ST ТР-СТ 100/05 EPKTR10005ST О-СТ 100/05[R..] З-СТ 100/05 EPKZ10005ST
110 Т-СТ 110/05 EPKT11005ST ТР-СТ 110/05 EPKTR11005ST О-СТ 110/05[R..] З-СТ 110/05 EPKZ11005ST
120 Т-СТ 120/05 EPKT12005ST ТР-СТ 120/05 EPKTR12005ST О-СТ 120/05[R..] З-СТ 120/05 EPKZ12005ST
130 Т-СТ 130/05 EPKT13005ST ТР-СТ 130/05 EPKTR13005ST О-СТ 130/05[R..] З-СТ 130/05 EPKZ13005ST
140 Т-СТ 140/05 EPKT14005ST ТР-СТ 140/05 EPKTR14005ST О-СТ 140/05[R..] З-СТ 140/05 EPKZ14005ST
150 Т-СТ 150/05 EPKT15005ST ТР-СТ 150/05 EPKTR15005ST О-СТ 150/05[R..] З-СТ 150/05 EPKZ15005ST
160 Т-СТ 160/05 EPKT16005ST ТР-СТ 160/05 EPKTR16005ST О-СТ 160/05[R..] З-СТ 160/05 EPKZ16005ST
170 Т-СТ 170/05 EPKT17005ST ТР-СТ 170/05 EPKTR17005ST О-СТ 170/05[R..] З-СТ 170/05 EPKZ17005ST
180 Т-СТ 180/05 EPKT18005ST ТР-СТ 180/05 EPKTR18005ST О-СТ 180/05[R..] З-СТ 180/05 EPKZ18005ST
190 Т-СТ 190/05 EPKT19005ST ТР-СТ 190/05 EPKTR19005ST О-СТ 190/05[R..] З-СТ 190/05 EPKZ19005ST
200 Т-СТ 200/05 EPKT20005ST ТР-СТ 200/05 EPKTR20005ST О-СТ 200/05[R..] З-СТ 200/05 EPKZ20005ST
210 Т-СТ 210/05 EPKT21005ST ТР-СТ 210/05 EPKTR21005ST О-СТ 210/05[R..] З-СТ 210/05 EPKZ21005ST
220 Т-СТ 220/05 EPKT22005ST ТР-СТ 220/05 EPKTR22005ST О-СТ 220/05[R..] З-СТ 220/05 EPKZ22005ST
230 Т-СТ 230/05 EPKT23005ST ТР-СТ 230/05 EPKTR23005ST О-СТ 230/05[R..] З-СТ 230/05 EPKZ23005ST
240 Т-СТ 240/05 EPKT24005ST ТР-СТ 240/05 EPKTR24005ST О-СТ 240/05[R..] З-СТ 240/05 EPKZ24005ST
250 Т-СТ 250/05 EPKT25005ST ТР-СТ 250/05 EPKTR25005ST О-СТ 250/05[R..] З-СТ 250/05 EPKZ25005ST
260 Т-СТ 260/05 EPKT26005ST ТР-СТ 260/05 EPKTR26005ST О-СТ 260/05[R..] З-СТ 260/05 EPKZ26005ST
270 Т-СТ 270/05 EPKT27005ST ТР-СТ 270/05 EPKTR27005ST О-СТ 270/05[R..] З-СТ 270/05 EPKZ27005ST
280 Т-СТ 280/05 EPKT28005ST ТР-СТ 280/05 EPKTR28005ST О-СТ 280/05[R..] З-СТ 280/05 EPKZ28005ST
290 Т-СТ 290/05 EPKT29005ST ТР-СТ 290/05 EPKTR29005ST О-СТ 290/05[R..] З-СТ 290/05 EPKZ29005ST
300 Т-СТ 300/05 EPKT30005ST ТР-СТ 300/05 EPKTR30005ST О-СТ 300/05[R..] З-СТ 300/05 EPKZ30005ST
310 Т-СТ 310/05 EPKT31005ST ТР-СТ 310/05 EPKTR31005ST О-СТ 310/05[R..] З-СТ 310/05 EPKZ31005ST
320 Т-СТ 320/05 EPKT32005ST ТР-СТ 320/05 EPKTR32005ST О-СТ 320/05[R..] З-СТ 320/05 EPKZ32005ST
330 Т-СТ 330/05 EPKT33005ST ТР-СТ 330/05 EPKTR33005ST О-СТ 330/05[R..] З-СТ 330/05 EPKZ33005ST
340 Т-СТ 340/05 EPKT34005ST ТР-СТ 340/05 EPKTR34005ST О-СТ 340/05[R..] З-СТ 340/05 EPKZ34005ST
350 Т-СТ 350/05 EPKT35005ST ТР-СТ 350/05 EPKTR35005ST О-СТ 350/05[R..] З-СТ 350/05 EPKZ35005ST

* Under the order production of casings of other standard sizes and forms, including from aluminum and stainless steel is possible.
** Selection of metal casings shall begin with a choice of a standard size of bends. The type of bend is selected according to «Energopack® bends selection Table» depending on the outer diameter of the isolated pipeline and thickness of insulation layer. .


Self-tapping screws Energopack®
Special galvanized self-tapping screws Energopack® with a drill are used for the joining of Energopack® metal casings. A cross screwdriver НР 2 is used for the mounting. Article
Object Approximate expenditure of Energopack® self-tapping screws: EPKSCREW150
Straight piping 8 pcs.
Bend 90° 2 pcs. per segment (quantity of segments from 4 to 6)
Tee 8-16 pcs. (depending on a standard size)
Conic transition 2-4 шт. (в зависимости от типоразмера)
End cap 2 pcs.
Quantity per package: 150 pcs.